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You CAN make a Difference!

Thousands of pets become lost, abandoned and homeless everyday. Most are eventually sheltered on an interim basis, awaiting the good fortune of an adoptive home. The vast majority of these homeless animals would make someone a great pet and companion.

Often people will tell you that shelter animals are not good pets, Hollywood Stars Lassie and Benji both were shelter animals before they gained fame through a second chance with a caring home. Homeless animals can become excellent pets if someone is willing to give them that second chance. Perhaps that lucky and wise someone is YOU!

About Us

The Tierschutzverein (SPCA) Swakopmund is a Registered Welfare Organisation and rely on public funding and donations.

Our mission is to provide a safe, well maintained sanctuary for cats and dogs in our care whilst waiting to be re-homed.  We also offer boarding facilities for pets, thus there is no excuse to leave your pet unattended while you are travelling.

We are based at the central coast of Namibia, in south-western Africa, and look after rescued, homeless and mistreated cats and dogs. They are safely and lovingly accommodated at our animal shelter where they also receive veterinary care until they can be re-homed to qualifying owners.

How can you contribute to our cause?

  • • Adopt a rescued pet
  • • Support and visit our shelter
  • • Report Abuse
  • • Please donate!

Whether you opt for pledging your time and expertise or donating items and money, your contribution will be most useful and greatly appreciated.

Please contact us for details on current requirements and long-term projects.


New colours at our shelter

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    Adoption should be your first option

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We humbly ask for the public's assistance.  At present we have a large number of adult cats waiting to be adopted. Any cat food donations will be well received. Please be on the lookout for our donation boxes at your local grocers. You are also welcome to drop in at the shelter during public opening hours.

Thank you for caring and your generosity!

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